Intellectual Property Translation Services

Our team of professional translators supports companies by providing an accurate translation of their IP rights in various language combinations.

We offer full translation services as well as checking translated documents to make sure they are in accordance with the Japanese practice and requirements. We offer full human translation, as well as machine translation and post-edit thereof at competitive rates tailormade to the unique requirements of our clients.

High quality translation is crucial in intellectual property. Our unique combination of experts having technological and linguistic abilities as well as a keen awareness of intercultural differences allows us to provide the most linguistically and technologically accurate translation possible.

With our large number of highly skilled translators and flexible approach, we receive many “translation-only” requests from private companies and international organizations.


Other Translation Services

Though our highly specialized team of in-house translators is focused on IP translation, we can also offer translation of the following:

  • Corporate legal documents
  • Contracts and agreements
  • HR compliance related documentation
  • Marketing materials

Using our translation services brings the benefit of profiting from a highly experienced team of professional translators with technical and/or legal backgrounds, utilizing the newest in technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of translation.


Language Combinations

Our large translation team of native speakers can handle various language combinations in-house: English-Japanese, Japanese-English, Chinese-Japanese, Japanese-Chinese, German-Japanese). Through our extended and constantly growing network of trusted freelance translators and translation service providers, we can however offer translation services in many more language combinations. Please contacts us for more information on available languages and a price quote.


Our Translation Style

IP translation is outsourced by many law firms to translation companies or to patent attorneys not trained to perform this important task accurately. Our firm, however, is different.? To ensure best quality and security, we directly employ and train native speakers specializing in technical and legal translation.? Our translation team includes specialists with a variety of backgrounds and nationalities, some with postgraduate experience and others holding doctorates, as well as patent attorneys.Our translators work together with patent attorneys and patent specialists. This process not only ensures accurate and precise technical translation, but also ensures efficiency in translation of legal language and nuance. Translation is supervised by patent attorneys of corresponding countries who know how to avoid legal issues that could arise. ?Our goal is to provide the most reliable translations throughout prosecution, enforcement, challenges to validity, and patent term extension.