World IP


World IP is a Japanese boutique IP firm located in the heart of Tokyo which provides services for multinational companies seeking protection of their IP rights.

The firm was founded with the specific goal of providing services tailormade to the individual needs of companies trying to protect their IP rights. Where other firms provide a standardized service line to all clients, we seek to provide services specific to our clients’ unique needs and circumstances, covering a broad range of possible depth and involvement. We can take over a complete IP portfolio and independently manage it before the JPO and other patent offices with limited or no involvement from the IP right holder. Subject to client’s wishes, we are happy to provide complete or partial services needed in the process of an efficient IP protection.

Our competitive fees are adapted to the breadth of service provided and guarantees that the right holders only pay for what they really need.



We provide a wide range of services in the protection of patent rights, trademark rights and design rights for international clients in Japan and worldwide.We can assist with the following steps in IP protection:

  • Drafting patent applications in Japanese or English according to Japanese or international standards
  • Filing patent applications in Japan
  • Entering international patent applications into the Japanese national phase
  • Translating patent documents from English, Chinese or German into Japanese for submission at the JPO
  • Filing amendments and responding to Office Actions issued by the JPO
  • Filing Appeals in response to Decision of Rejections
  • Paying registration fees and handling annuity payments
  • Responding and defending against oppositions, filing oppositions
  • Nullity Actions, litigation and negotiation
  • Licensing negotiation
  • Commercial and strategic analysis of intellectual property portfolios
  • Patent or Trademark searches prior to drafting
  • Freedom to Operate searches

We can provide the above-mentioned services as single items as a part of an IP protection strategy or as a full package, independently handling an IP portfolio in Japan and other jurisdictions from invention through the expiration of IP protection


Technologies and Expertise:

We have experts in law and translation for the following technologies:

Aeronautical and automotive engineering

Mechanical and structural engineering

Electrical and electronic engineering

Organic and inorganic chemistry

Semiconductor technology


Material physics











Especially in the field of patents, it is important not only to have a good understanding of the legal requirements but also of the technology behind the invention. At World IP we therefore put special emphasis on the technological background of our patent attorneys, patent engineers and ?translators. Therefore most of our patent engineers and patent attorneys have a PhD in their specific fields of expertise, acquired at the best universities in Japan and abroad.


International Expertise and Diversity

Our team of IP professionals not only consists of Japanese Patent Attorneys and Engineers from the best universities, but also includes IP practitioners from various jurisdictions all around the globe.